Why Choose Cremation?

By: Dorothy Pacimeo-Comodore
Saturday, June 30, 2018

Why Choose Cremation? 

While cremation has long been a funeral tradition in cultures around the world, it has seen a global rise in popularity over recent years. According to the end-of-life planning providers at New York Atlantic Funeral Services in Medford, cremation is an attractive choice for those seeking alternative funeral arrangements, because it opens up numerous options for memorializing the deceased. Here they describe the many benefits of cremation services.


Traditional burial has many different steps, which can place undue stress on a grieving family. Decisions one must make in addition to the memorial service arrangements include choosing a casket, a burial plot, and a grave marker. Cremation services eliminate many of the additional decisions required for traditional interment, allowing for less focus on the logistics of funeral planning and more time spent remembering the deceased.


There is no end-of-life arrangement more flexible than cremation. The process is much swifter than traditional embalming and burial, but the bereaved can also personalize the process with funeral rites, memorial services, or the purchase of permanent interment space. Most cemeteries have a columbarium or other space specifically dedicated to the placement of cremation urns. Ashes can also be scattered in a natural setting.

Environmental Sustainability

Cremation is especially popular among the environmentally conscious, as well as those whose preferred cemetery may lack much land for traditional graves. Many cemeteries nowadays are struggling to maintain enough room for burial plots, and are instead utilizing mausoleums and columbaria. 

If you or a loved one is considering cremation or would like to know more about other alternative funeral services on Long Island, talk with an expert from New York Atlantic Funeral Services. Their team of compassionate, professional funeral directors will help you put together an end-of-life plan that will meet your needs and expectations. Call (631) 732-0570 today to start the conversation or visit their website for further details on their services.

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